About Us

Athena School of Arms is a non-profit Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) school, an affiliate of the Historical European Martial Arts Alliance, and an active member of the New England Sword Gathering. Operating out of Cambridge, MA, Athena School of Arms promotes the study of HEMA and physical fitness by providing individual training and public demonstrations. By sharing the historical context and martial principles found in HEMA in a safe and open environment, we can help others gain an appreciation for our art and become more physically fit in the process.

Fight masters from the 14th-16th century wrote treatises that described how to fight with a variety of medieval weapons. We use these manuals to recreate ancient fighting styles. While we primarily study the German Longsword as described by Johannes Lichtenauer, we also work to reconstruct the Highland Broadsword, Dagger, Sword & Buckler, Poleaxe, Ringen (medieval wrestling), and Victorian-era weapon systems.

We have a diverse membership, including people who love history, people do HEMA because it’s more fun than using a treadmill, and serious competitors who take home prizes from regional tournaments. We pride ourselves in offering an open, welcoming environment. Come check us out!