Instructors and Leadership

Nathan Weston

Nathan Weston is a Senior Instructor at Athena School of Arms.  Nathan studied a variety of martial arts, as well as Olympic sport fencing, before taking up HEMA in 2012. He teaches Longsword, Broadsword, and Italian Rapier. He is also one of the event organizers of Iron Gate Exhibition, the largest HEMA Tournament in the Northeast.

Andrew Kilgore

Andrew Kilgore is a Senior Instructor at Athena School of Arms. Andrew has studied a wide range of eastern martial arts for over 20 years. In 2012, he began focusing on HEMA when he started studying German Longsword with Steven Hirsch. An accomplished tournament champion, Andrew focuses on the core principles of whatever system he studies to help deepen his and his students’ understanding of the art and how to use it in martial contexts. With over a decade of experience working with youth and teaching people of all ages, Andrew brings his love of martial arts and passion for helping others to the floor at Athena School of Arms, where he teaches Longsword, Ringen, and Dagger.

Julie Gaunt

Julie Gaunt is a Senior Instructor at Athena School of Arms. Julie enjoyed many years of Olympic sport fencing when, in 2013, she was introduced to HEMA, and hasn’t looked back since. Julie has a passion for sword fighting and physical fitness, and enjoys traveling to events teaching, lecturing, and competing. Julie studies Longsword, Italian Baton, and Italian Dueling Sabre. Julie is a community leader of the New England Sword Gathering, a league for Northeast HEMA clubs; and for a number of years has been Event Director of Iron Gate Exhibition, the largest HEMA Tournament in the Northeast.

Steven Hirsch

Steven Hirsch is the Founder of Athena School of Arms, Club Physical Therapist, and an Instructor of the Small Sword program. Steven has a doctorate in Physical Therapy and a B.S. in Exercise & Health Science, and is an NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist. He has been training with swords since 2006 and unarmed martial arts since 1998, first with the Higgins Armory Museum and now teaching at his own school, Athena School of Arms. Steven is also a professional strength coach focusing on performance for combat sports and martial artists, and runs his business Fight with All Your Strength.

Robyn Alman

Robyn Alman is an Instructor at Athena School of Arms. She has trained in kung fu, tai chi, ballet and tap dancing, before finding HEMA in 2017. Robyn teaches Longsword, including the Intro to German Longsword class. She loves to travel, attend seminars, and compete in sword tournaments whenever possible. Some of her favorite weapons to train with include longsword, sword & buckler, dagger, and sidesword – but is always willing to try something new! Her goal is to show that anyone can get into historical fencing and that Athena is willing to support those interests.

Joe Giuliano

Joe Giuliano is an Instructor at Athena School of Arms. He first joined Athena in 2017, and now teaches introductory and beginner Longsword classes. He’s also got a keen interest in teaching, wrasslin’, dagger, and generally supporting the team at events. Some of his other hobbies include woodworking, getting distracted, photography, biking, shenanigans, and generally making stuff.

Dylan Hoffmann

Dylan Hoffmann is an Instructor at Athena School of Arms. Dylan has experimented with a number of unarmed martial arts before starting HEMA in 2018. He is happy with whatever sword is currently in his hand, but primarily studies and teaches longsword, sword and buckler, and dagger. He is one of the organizers of the Athena Mass Melee team at Iron Gate Exhibition.

Assistant Instructors

Eva Arnason
Peter Edwards
Cliff Leonardi
Lee Kristensen

Board of Directors

Athena School of Arms is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation organized exclusively for education and charitable purposes.

President: Nathan Weston
Treasurer: Robyn Alman
Clerk: Julie Olson
Board Member: Andrew Kilgore
Board Member: Micha Rieser
Board Member: Dylan Hoffman

To contact the Board, please email board @ athenaschoolofarms dot org