German Longsword

The Longsword Program studies the fight manuals of Johannes Lichtenauer, a 15th century fight master. Classes are organized by experience level, and feature a variety of sparring games and drills as well as reading and interpretation of the sources to help students understand tactical concepts. The classes begin with a conditioning session that targets footwork agility, wrestling mechanics, or circuit strength training, depending on the rotation. Students must complete an introductory session before joining regular classes.

Military Saber

The Military Saber Program studies 18th and 19th century English & Scottish sources for British Military Saber and Smallsword, along with Highland Broadsword. This class meets twice a week; each class begins with a conditioning session to improve agility, strength, and endurance. In addition, Open Floor time is available to work on basic skills or to explore related aspects such as the offhand use of dagger or buckler. Students must complete the Military Saber Intro to join this class.

Youth Historical Fencing

This program is for ages 11-15. This program introduces students to the single-handed sword based on military training in the sabre. No prior experience is needed. All gear is provided including protective gear and foam practice swords.

Introductory Classes

Newcomers to HEMA start with one of our introductory sessions in our German Longsword or Military Saber programs. These sessions are five weeks long and meet twice a week. We provide all the gear, all you need to bring are indoor-only shoes and a water bottle.

For more information about our programming or to be added to our wait list for an upcoming introductory session, please email us.